Ronny Willfahrt, PrintXMedia Consult


The price-performance ratio for hardware and software is absolutely impressive

With the MYIRO-1, the manufacturer has succeeded in creating a great measuring device with which everyday measuring tasks in the pre-press sector can be handled very well. The heart of the solution, the hardware, could completely convince us, especially the wireless connection, the workmanship, the ergonomics and the smooth and quick scan measurement.

Also the software offers a lot,...

Stefan Steib, Photographer and Journalist


Congratulations to the MYIRO team for this new level of quality

I compared ICC Profiles for my Professional Photo Inkjet Printer. 
The candidates were the profiles delivered by the vendor of the printer and profiles created with i1Pro3Plus/i1Profiler and MYIRO-1/MYIROtools.
As expected both self made profiles outperformed the vendor's profile by far. 
The biggest surprise was the color rendering of the MYIRO Profile compared to the market leader.

Joe Tschudi (Tschudi Software Technology GmbH,


First impressions and hands-on with MYIRO

The personal handover of the device with exact adherence to the 2 meter distance due to the Swiss COVID-19 regulations leaves a good foretaste. The package is handy and limited to the essentials, even if the ambient light adapter is still missing at the moment. Since MYIRO comes without a measurement base, I had done the measurement tests on the large electrostatic plate from Barbieri. The device is well designed for right-handed people, you put it horizontally to the chest on the rail and can move in both directions, i.e.

Dr. Jürgen Krüger – Krügercolor


I have tested it [the MYIRO-1] with the EFI Fiery XF 7.1.3...

...specifically with the new Fiery Verifier.
Everything worked very well.
From the handling point of view it is the most comfortable instrument I have.
Lies very well in the hand, runs extremely easily on the measuring ruler. There is simply no jerking and canting.
You can also measure very quickly.
It is also very easy to transport thanks to the small carrying bag and the low weight, no comparison to the i1Pro 2.