I have tested it [the MYIRO-1] with the EFI Fiery XF 7.1.3...

...specifically with the new Fiery Verifier.
Everything worked very well.
From the handling point of view it is the most comfortable instrument I have.
Lies very well in the hand, runs extremely easily on the measuring ruler. There is simply no jerking and canting.
You can also measure very quickly.
It is also very easy to transport thanks to the small carrying bag and the low weight, no comparison to the i1Pro 2.
The calibration tile to protect the measuring opening is simply ingenious.
Also the optical display with the LED is good.

Since I am mostly in the proofing area, the correspondence of the results with the i1Pro2 is important for me.
Even with the paper with an insane amount of optical brighteners (brightener index 24.7 measured with the FD-7) the differences are pleasingly small, so it's good to use it for that as well. (see the attached PDF file)

Also with basICColor display 6.0.3 it works very well. You have to get used to measure with a tripod 5 mm in front of the monitor surface and especially to buy a suitable tripod.
The results after the display 6 own evaluation were a dream (NEC Multisync PA311D, still without hardware calibration)

Dr. Krüger