FAQ General

The application does not start

Restart your computer and try launching the app again.

Also, check if the network settings (proxy settings, etc.) are correct.

FAQ Licensing

During "Online Activation" the message "Connection closed" is displayed

Most probably your internet connection does not allow a connection to the licensing server.
Please check your network settings (especially proxy settings).

When starting the application after installation, the following message pops up:
"Failed to launch the application, please refer to Install Guide or troubleshooting of user's guide."

Run the following file as Administrator, and then restart the application:

C:\Program Files\MYIRO\MYIROtools\Module\Utility\LicenseSupportScript.bat


The license should have been activated but the activation screen is displayed and the app does not start

Open a web browser and enter “http://localhost:1947” in the address bar.
If the Admin Control Center Help page is not shown, the license service may not be running. Perform the following steps.

[For windows]

  1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard, and type “services” to open the Services app.
  2. Look for “Sentinel LDK License Manager” in the Name column on the Services window.
  3. Check in the Status column for “Sentinel LDK License Manager” and see if the status is blank or if Running is displayed.
  4. If the status is other than Running, right-click on “Sentinel LDK License Manager” and select Start.

[For Mac]

  1. Open the Apple menu in the top-left corner of the screen and select System Preferences.
  2. Open Security & Privacy.
  3. Check the firewall status under the Firewall tab.
  4. If the firewall is turned on, select Firewall Options.
  5. Check “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections,” and then press OK.
  6. Reinstall the app.

FAQ Measure

How can I measure my ECI2002, IT8/7.4, TC1617 and other standard charts?

MYIROtools ships with several chart definitions which are common in the industry.
In the Data List Window of the MYIROtools Measure and View you can find them in the folder "Std. and 3rd Party"

Please be aware that nearly all charts can be measured with an FD-9 but not necessarily with a MYIRO-1, FD-5BT or FD-7.

The connection to a MYIRO-1 using WLAN does not work anymore

Switch the instrument OFF and ON again

My device's name does not appear on the list in the connection window

When using a Mac with wireless LAN and the firewall is turned on, MYIRO-1 connected via wireless LAN or MYIRO-9/FD-9 connected via Ethernet may not appear on the list.
Check the device connection status and click "Rescan".

On a Windows PC using USB connection try to install the driver manually.

Can I use existing definition files from other softwares?

The definition format (cdx) is compatible with the XML-format of Konica Minolta FD-S2w.
Create a subfolder inside
inside the MYIROtools working folder.
In FD-S2w right-click on a definition and select "Save".
Rename the file from .xml to .cdx and copy it to a subfolder of
inside the MYIROtools working folder.

The location of the working folder can be checked in the "System" tab of the MYIROtools main window.

FAQ Profiling

When creating a profile, an error is displayed on the status bar, and the Icc file cannot be created

Profiling error2:

You selected a *.txt file in "Destination / Printer" and try to create a device link profile.
Select an ICC profile in "Destination / Printer" when creating a device link profile.

Profiling error12:

The file cannot be saved.
Check whether the folder specified in "Save Settings" has access rights and/or if the folder exists.

Profiling error32:

The ICC profile selected in "Destination / Printer" is not appropriate when creating a device link profile.
Check that the ICC profile to be used is appropriate (only CMYK Device Profiles are supported as destination profile)

How do I have to print the chart?

  1. Do not scale it
  2. Make sure that all color conversions are switched off
    1. You can achieve this e.g. by using the Adobe® Color Printing Utility