MYIROtools is protected by a licensing system.
Your license is linked to your computer.
There are 3 types of licenses:

  • Perpetual
  • Time limited 
  • Demo

The Perpetual license activates the software permanently.
The time limited license activates the software for a limited period.
The demo license is an expired time limited license which only keeps the following features activated:

  • Measure
  • View

You will obtain a Product Key from your dealer.

When you launch MYIROtools the first time it is not licensed.
You can activate MYIROtools at Lincense Information on the tab "SYSTEM".

Choose "Online Activation" if you received a Product Key in the format:


Copy the Product Key and paste it into the activation window.
You can also enter it manually.
Click "Activate"

If the activation was successful you will see the type of license.

In case you do not have an internet connection choose "Offline Activation".
Click "Generate" and send the .c2v-file to your dealer.
Your dealer will send you a .v2c-file.
Click "Install" and select the .v2c-file.
MYIROtools is now activated.

To check which type of license is installed on your computer open the tab "System" in the MYIROtools main window.

To update your license click "Activate (Online)" and enter your Product Key.