The tool "Analyze" compares measured values against a reference and judges the differences using tolerances from an Analyze setting. It creates an on-screen report to show if a print is in or out of tolerance.

Analyze Setting

An analyze setting consists of two parts:

  1. Standard which determines the criteria and tolerances to be used
  2. Reference Printing Condition to compare against
Status report

The status report shows:

  1. The overall result using four symbols
  2. Details of criteria and results as a table
  3. Result for every criteria using four symbols
Status symbols
Analyze OK


Value is in tolerance
Analyze Just OK


Value is just in tolerance
Analyze JustNotOK


Value is slightly out of tolerance
Analyze NotOK


Value is out of tolerance


MYIROtools Basic offers the most important quality control settings.

  • A: Validation Print
    • Criteria and tolerances taken from ISO 12647-8
  • B: Contract Proof
    • Criteria and tolerances taken from ISO 12647-7
  • C: Solid Densities
    • This setting informs about the densities of the solid primaries

These settings are combined with the most important reference printing conditions

  • FOGRA39
  • FOGRA51
  • Japan Color 2011
  • JMPA2018
  • ISO/PAS 15339 CRPC6

MYIROtools Basic will offer ISO 15311 (FOGRA PSD®) evaluation in the near future.

MYIROtools Advanced offers the possibility to customize the Analyze settings.
MYIROtools Advanced will be released at a later date.

Easy Compare is a special Analyze Setting. It enables the simple comparison of measurements with

  • Measurements from MYIROtools
  • External ISO 28178 ("CGATS") files
  • ICC Profiles

The result of Easy Compare is a statistical analysis of the differences.

Use Easy Compare

Select a measurement from the Data List

Select "0 - Easy Compare" as Analyze Setting in the Analyze Tab of the View Module

  1. Select a Preset 
  2. Choose a reference file from the list
  3. Choose between "Absolute White Point" or "Relative White Point"

Presets and results

The presets judge the differences using six steps.
They are encoded in different colors from dark green (small difference) to dark red (big difference).

For every single patch the evaluation result is shown using this color scheme in the "Chart View" and the "List View" tab.

The available step sizes are 
∆E = 0.5
∆E = 1.0
∆E = 2.0



Add an internal file as reference

To add a measurement from MYIROtools to the list of available references make a right-click onto the measurement in the Data List and select "Export as reference file"


Working with external resources

To add an external resource such as an ICC Profile click the "+" button next to the list of reference files and select your file.
It will be copied to a special folder inside the MYIROtools working folder and appears at the bottom of the list.

User Reference files can be removed from the list. They will be deleted from the MYIROtools working folder. 
Select your file and click the "-" button next to the list.