The tool "Measure" is used to take measurements using a compatible measurement device.

Compatible instruments are:

  • MYIRO-1
  • MYIRO-9
  • Konica Minolta FD-9
  • Konica Minolta FD-5BT
  • Konica Minolta FD-7

After you launch the tool "Measure" you have to connect an instrument.

You can select 

  • Auto: MYIROtools scans your network and USB ports for all connected instruments
  • Model: MYIROtools scans your network and USB ports for connected instruments of the selected model
  • Instrument: Instruments that were found (the serial number and port is shown) can be selected

Rescan repeats the search.

If your instrument was found, select it from the list and click "Connect".
If your instrument was not found please check the USB or network connection and make sure that the instrument is switched on.

After successful connection the calibration status is shown.
If your instrument needs a manual calibration (like MYIRO-1), attach the white calibration cap and click "Calibrate". 

If the calibration status is "calibrated" you can skip this step.

After the calibration was successful you can choose the measurement mode (depending on your instrument).

  • Reflective: Used to measure prints
  • Emissive: Used to measure light sources (not available in V1.0)

Then click "OK"

The "View" module will open.

Select a chart from the Data List Window. Depending on your selection you can change the Layout/type and Size parameter. The parameter "Instruments" is fixed to the type of your connected instrument.

You can now start to measure your chart. 

For details about the module "View", please refer to the pertinent section of this manual.

Compatible Strip-Readers are MYIRO-1, FD-7 and FD-5BT.
They measure a chart by scanning it line by line.

To start a new measurement, select the chart you want to measure and click "New measurement".
The patches of the chart will change to look like transparent.
This indicates that there is no measurement value for this patch.
After you measured a line the patches will get filled with the color representing the measured value.

MYIROtools indicates the next line to be scanned by a blue box around it.
You can change it by clicking onto a different line.

All measured data are constantly saved in your working folder.

A chart reader like the MYIRO-9/FD-9 is an instrument that performs all measurements automatically.
When you open the measurement tool and selected a chart, at the bottom left corner MYIROtools states "Please insert chart". 
Insert the chart centered into the MYIRO-9/FD-9.
The MYIRO-9/FD-9 will start to recognize the chart and then measure it automatically.

After the measurement is finished the data is automatically saved.