The tool "View" is the central tool to look at color management charts and measurement data.
It is divided into three main parts. Please refer to the pertinent tabs for details.

  • Data List
  • Main window
  • Patch Color

The Data List shows all color management charts and all measurement data.
They are sorted in a folder structure.

For most charts the printable files are available in PDF format and can be accessed via the menu:
"File → Open Print File" or "File → Chart Printing"

Some charts are available in different layouts (type of instrument and/or paper size) but all layouts share the same device values.

Profiling CMYK

This folder contains three charts.

  • CMYK-420
  • CMYK-840
  • CMYK-2520
Profiling RGB

This folder contains three charts

  • RGB-420
  • RGB-840
  • RGB-2520

This folder contains five charts

  • FOGRA MediaWedge V3.0
  • IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 Control Wedge 2013
  • JapanColor Control Strip
  • JMPA Color 2018 Control Strip
Std. & 3rd party

This folder contains several definitions of charts which are commonly used in the printing industry.
Depending on the layout you cannot measure them with every instrument.
The print files are not included in the MYIROtools installation package.

  • ECI2002
  • GMG Flexo-Chart V2
  • IDEAlliance P2P51
  • IDEAlliance TC1671
  • IT8/7.4



The main window of the tool "View" shows the charts and the measurement data in different viewing modes.
These different viewing modes can be changed by clicking on "Chart View", "List View", "Analyze" and "Scan".

Depending on the selection in the "Data List" different instances of a chart can be selected at the top of the window.
The available switches are 

  • Instruments
  • Layout/type
  • Size

In case a chart has more than one page arrows to switch between the pages or toggle a complete overview is activated.


The window "Patch Color" shows details about a patch after it is selected in the main window.

The available details are

  • Preview of the color
  • Patch ID
  • Patch Sequence
  • Device value (RGB, CMYK, Grey etc.)
  • Patch Name
  • Patch Comment
  • Color values (CIELAB, CIEXYZ etc.)
  • Density values (Status A, Status E, Status I, Status T)
  • Spectral data

The tab "Chart View" shows a graphical representation of the chart layout.
If a patch is selected by clicking on it, the window "Patch Color" shows the details of the selected patch.
If a measurement file is selected from the "Data List", all patches show a preview of the measured value (center) as well as a preview calculated from the device value (border) of the chart. In case the border of a patch shows a huge color difference compared to the center (e.g. green instead of red) it is likely that a measurement error occured.

The tab "List View" shows a representation of the chart as a list.
If a patch is selected by clicking on it, the window "Patch Color" shows the details of the selected patch.


The contents of the list can be influenced. Right-click onto the column-header and select/deselect the parameters you like to show in the list.

Sorting the list

A click on a column sorts the list based on the values of that column.
The first click sorts in ascending a second click in descending order.

Order the columns

The order of the columns can be changed by dragging a column to a different place.
To change the order of a complete logical group (e.g. CMYK_C, CMYK_M, CMYK_Y & CMYK_K) drag the first column of that group.
The other members of that logical group will follow automatically.

Filtering the list

On top of the list you can find presets to filter the list.
This allows to quickly find important patches like the solid primaries.
You can create own filter sets by clicking on the button "..." next to the filter preset list.