Can you make this red a little more punchy, please?

The main reason for discussions with print buyers about quality is colour. The print product shall animate the customer to buy the advertised products. Colour is one of the first things we recognize when we judge the quality of a product. If it is not appealing or incorrect we regard the product quality as low.

Therefore it is a key to profitability for a print production to print colour accurately.

Why is colour management so complicated?

The job of a press operator is to ensure a smooth and in-time production. He has to deal with make-ready, availability of consumables, finishing and numerous other tasks.

Colour management is often seen as a punishment though the importance is known. We think that the reason is that many today's tools are designed for colour experts and not for production. The MYIROtools are made for you as a press operator. Using step-by-step workflows MYIROtools let you calibrate your machines by the way.

The print looks different from what I see on my monitor

There are several reasons to this. The first is that in the factory a monitor is not adjusted to match a print.
A monitor needs to be adjusted and characterized. This means that you first adjust the monitor to a status which is closer to the viewing condition of a printed product. Then you measure the result and save it as an ICC profile. This profile can then be used to adjust your images in a way that they look close to what you get out of a (calibrated) printing machine.
MYIRO-1 allows you to perform these measurements with high accuracy at an affordable price.