In this section the basic concept and different tools of MYIROtools is explained.

MYIROtools is a colour management software.

It includes functions to measure charts, create ICC profiles, control print quality and more.

The tab "Command" of the main window is divided into two section. The "Tools" and the "Workflows". 
This is the place to start all your color management related tasks.

The section "Tools" is used by experienced users to perform certain tasks manually.

MYIRO-1 Configuration

This tool launches the configuration software for the Spectrophotometer MYIRO-1.
You can configure the WLAN settings like Access Point (SSID), password, network address etc.


Tool to measure colormanagement charts.
MYIROtools includes with several charts for creating ICC Profiles.
In addition you will find definitions to measure typical standard charts like IT8/7.4 or TC1617.


Tool to visualize chart definitions and measurement values


Tool to compare measured charts against reference values
Judge results according to quality standards (e.g. ISO 12647-7 for Contract Proofs)
Create QC reports


Tool to create ICC-Profiles.

It creates highest quality output profiles as well as Devicelink Profiles.

The section "Workflows" simplifies the daily tasks of colormanagement.
A workflow is a wizard that guides you through the complete process.


QC is a folder. It contains workflows to measure a control strip and judge the result according to quality standards (e.g. Contract Proof ISO 12647-7)


Workflow to measure test charts and and save the measured data for further processing

Profiling CMYK

Workflow to print and measure a profiling test chart and calculate an ICC Profile for CMYK printers (driven by a RIP).

Profiling RGB

Workflow to print and measure a profiling test chart and calculate an ICC Profile for RGB printers (driven by an RGB printer driver).

The tab "Data" in the main window mirrors the contents of your working folder.

A double-click on a file opens it using the corresponding tool of MYIROtools.

The tab "System" of the MYIROtools main window is used for administrative tasks and presets.

  • Change the language of the software
  • Control and change the path of the working folder ("Data path")
  • Set the standard location for saving print files ("Save File")
  • Check and activate/update licenses